Terms and Conditions

The OpendTect Pro Store is operated by dGB Earth Sciences BV under the following terms and conditions.


"Buyer" is the organization or the person who is buying at the webstore, as identified under the billing address on the purchase.
"Seller" is dGB Earth Sciences BV.
"The webstore" is the OpendTect Pro webstore.


  1. Seller has the right to cancel any purchase for any reason until the purchase is shipped. In such cases, any corresponding payment will be reversed. If an invoice was issued, a credit note will be sent to the buyer.
  2. Entities with a billing address inside the European Union, but outside the Netherlands, who has not supplied a valid VAT number are not permitted to purchase through the webstore. Any erroneous purchase will be cancelled, and the payment will be reversed.
  3. Entities that Seller is not permitted to sell to due to sanctions or similar are not allowed to purchase through the webstore. If discovered at purchase processing, the purchase will be cancelled, and the payment will be returned. If discovered later, purchase will be cancelled without any repayment.
  4. All purchases except those falling under clause (2.1) to (2.3) are final on cleared payment.

Agreements and Licenses

  1. All purchases in the webstore imply entering into a legally binding agreement between the buyer and Seller as governed by these terms and conditions as well as eventual software licenses.
  2. Persons who are not authorized to enter into agreements for the organization they are representing should not purchase in the webstore, but contact [email protected] to arrange a purchase otherwise.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all usage and handling of computer software licenses sold through the webstore are governed by the "OpendTect Commercial License" as of the date of the purchase. The current version of the license if found at http://www.opendtect.org/backendscripts/eula.php.
  4. By purchasing software in the webstore, the buyer enters into a legally binding agreement where the "OpendTect Commercial License" is an integrated part.


  1. All prices in the webstore are in USD and without taxes.
  2. Local taxes are added and collected in the Netherlands (VAT) as well as in the state of Texas (Sales Tax).
  3. The VAT within the European Union (except buyers in the Netherlands) is exempt, but should be paid by the buyer in accordance with the 2006/112/EC Directive.
  4. Taxes in other jurisdictions are the responsibility of the buyer.


  1. Any software purchased in the webstore needs to be activated with a license file. The license generation needs a “Host ID” which identifies the computer system on which the software can be used. It is the buyer’s responsibility to provide Seller with the Host ID on the machine on which the buyer wishes to use the software.
  2. This license file is shipped the next Dutch business day after receipt of the Host ID for Software by Seller. Plugins by other vendors can take somewhat longer time.


Buyers who are having trouble with the webstore should contact [email protected]. Response should be expected the next Dutch business day. Buyers who need help in the operation of software purchased in the webstore should contact [email protected], or through the contact information at the contact page of the dGB website. Response should be expected as in the license agreement.


Seller can be reached at:

dGB Earth Sciences BV
Nijverheidstraat 11-2
7511JM Enschede
The Netherlands
E-mail: [email protected] Phone: +31 534 315 155
Seller BV is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce with number 08111182.


The use of this the webstore, shall be governed by the laws of The Netherlands. The courts in The Netherlands shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising out of the use of this website.

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